Discover the benefits of CBD for relaxation, and emotional stability,

and CBN for improved sleep.

Starting at just $9.99.

CBD Gummies


Feel The Relief

Incorporate our CBD Gummies into your daily regimen to provide a sense of relaxation, emotional stability, and overall well-being.

Each delicious piece contains 50mg of Isolate CBD and offers a non-intoxicating, non-habit forming THC FREE experience.

Available in 6 count, and 25 count packages. Starting at just $9.99!

Delicious Berry Flavor

sleep gummies - CBN


For Deeper Sleep & Clearer Wake Up

Considered the premier sleep aid in the industry, CBN, a cannabinoid compound, is a natural sedative that promotes uninterrupted sleep

and improved mental clarity upon waking up.

Sleep Again CBN gummies are ideal for individuals who experience difficulty staying asleep but can fall asleep naturally.

Available in a 6 count package, and 25 count jar. Starting at just $9.99


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