OUR Story

The concept of holistic wellness is being redefined by Heal Again Co. We merge tradition, innovation, and a deep commitment to physical and mental well-being. The inception of Heal Again Co., rooted in a desire to alleviate the physical discomforts of local farmers and community members. In 2020, fifth-generation farmer Daren Lauritsen delved into researching the potential benefits of CBD, CBG, and CBN. Next adding other natural herbs and healing oils, in facilitating the body’s recovery. Impressed with the positive results that surfaced from including such ingredients in a daily health regimen.

Understanding that each person’s body responds differently to various treatments, Lauritsen collaborated with fellow Iowan and Massage Therapist, Kim Wood, LMT, to create the company’s first product. Heal Again Topical Roll-on. This product includes a blend of 11 essential oils, such as menthol, arnica, and boswellia. As a result, providing targeted relief to the point of pain and promote full body recovery.

As the Roll-on garnered success in the market, Lauritsen recognized the need to expand the product line. His goal was to offer more holistic ways of promoting recovery. As a result, relaxation and sleep products were introduced, creating a more comprehensive array of recovery solutions.

OUR Mission

The focus at Heal Again Co. is your overall health, including both physical and mental well-being.

Our objective is to offer a natural way of life. Achieved through our unique blends of CBD, CBG, and other organic components such as Arnica, Jojoba, and Boswellia. We are proud to present our product line to you and your loved ones.


As a company rooted in the Midwest, we prioritize cultivating a work environment that emphasizes work-life balance. This enables the growth and success of each team member.

Furthermore, our team comprises not just co-workers, but a family unit that strives to deliver exceptional products and authentic customer interactions.

We’re Growing

As Heal Again Co. expands, we remain dedicated to the fundamental principles on which it was established.

In our pursuit of growth, we aim to offer our products to a wider audience. Including CBD stores, athletic shops, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and more.

We welcome those interested in experiencing the health and recovery benefits of Heal Again Co. to join us on this exciting journey.

For those interested in becoming a retailer, please complete the retailer form or send us an email at Info@Healagain.com. We are excited to continue providing sleep, relaxation, and recovery solutions to those in need for years to come.

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