OUR Story

2020 was a year that will go down in history books as a year of change. Whether it was a positive or negative change, everyone’s lives changed. For fifth generation farmer Daren Lauritsen, it was the year that he decided to use his farm to formulate products to create healthier lives for those around him. The story of Heal Again Co. started as a passion project to help relieve the aches and pains of his farm workers. The team on the farm works extremely hard during agricultural cycles due to long hours and an immense amount of manual labor. With this in mind, Daren started researching natural herbs and healing oils to assist with the body’s recovery during the busier seasons. Through his research, he was impressed with the positive results that have been found when adding CBD, CBG and CBN into a person’s daily health regimen. Knowing that everyone’s body is different and there is more than one way of relief that may be needed, he formulated the company’s first product with the assistance of a fellow Iowan and Massage therapist Kim Wood, LMT. The Heal Again Topical Roller combines 12 essential oils including the standout oils of menthol, arnica, boswellia to provide relief to the point of pain and promote full body recovery. While the Heal Again Roller was having success in the market, he knew he could expand on ways to help with recovery. With this in mind, relaxation and sleep products were added to create a more well rounded product line.

OUR Mission

Heal Again Co. is a 5th generation farm family with products made in Iowa, USA. At Heal Again Co., we are passionate about your physical and mental well-being. Our goal here at Heal Again Co. is to provide you with a natural path to a better way of life. By blending CBD with natural ingredients like arnica, jojoba, and boswellia, we have formulated a line of products for you and those you love.


With our Midwest Roots, we pride ourselves in cultivating an environment that prioritizes work life balance and the growth/ success of each team member.  Our team is more than a group of standard co-workers, we are a family that strives to provide our customers with high quality products and genuine interactions.

We’re Growing

As product demand increased, the team expanded to include Account Executives, Fulfillment Team Members and a VP of Sales and Operations. Each team member at Heal Again Co. has a vital part in carrying out the original vision that Heal Again Co. was created on. Currently we are focused on providing awareness to CBD stores, Running Stores, Cycling Stores, Athletic Stores, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and any location that is looking to add a health based nutrition or recovery section. If you are looking to become a retailer, you can fill out the retailer form or email us directly at Info@Healagain.com. We look forward to many years of providing Sleep, Relaxation and Recovery options to those in need.

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