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At Heal Again Co. our mission is to enrich the physical and mental well-being of individuals. Our commitment lies in the fostering of healthier lives through the utilization of natural alternatives. By blending CBD, CBG & CBN with quality essential oils like arnica, jojoba, lavender, and boswellia, we have formulated a line of products for you and those you love. Take the first step today to enhance your physical and mental well-being.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays important roles in your body.

​Looking at the word “endocannabinoid.” Cannabis gives rise to the term “cannabinoid,” while “endo” comes from endogenous, indicating something that occurs naturally in the body. “Endocannabinoid” refers to cannabis-like substances that are produced internally.

While providing a sense of harmony and wellness, CBD, CBG, and CBN is not intoxicating, making it perfectly safe for you to incorporate into your daily regimen. The overflow of information out there regarding CBD, CBG, and CBN can seem intimidating, but we’ll be your guide to discover how CBD, CBG, and CBN can help support you in your journey.

Our main focus is on CBD, CBN (Cannabinol), and CBG (Cannabigerol) – the most rigorously tested and characterized compounds out of the 113 cannabinoids known in the industry.

As further research is reviewed we will expand our focus and include those as well.

CBD/CBG and Aches/Discomfort

CBD/CBG interacts with endocannabinoid receptors in your brain and immune system. Your cells are equipped with small proteins called receptors, which play a crucial role in receiving chemical signals and facilitating cellular responses. This response creates anti-inflammatory and ache-relieving effects that help with aches/discomfort. CBD/CBG topicals and other products present significant benefits for people with chronic aches/discomfort. ​

CBD/CBG most readily affects nociceptive aches/discomfort, which comes from physical injury and damaged tissue. By employing CB2 receptors in the immune system, it blocks the inflammatory signals sent to the brain in order to stop the onset of inflammation after an injury. This allows fewer aching signals to reach the brain so the body doesn’t feel as much of it.

CBD/CBG and Anxiety

The use of CBD/CBG is believed to aid in reducing anxiety. By assisting the body in processing serotonin, a hormone and neurotransmitter that plays a role in regulating emotions.

CBD/CBN and Sleep

Research shows that CBD/CBN has the potential to increase the overall amount and quality of sleep while improving sleep in sufferers of insomnia. CBD/CBN has been found to reduce insomnia in those who suffer from chronic aches/discomfort. When taken in smaller doses, CBD/CBN works by stimulating alertness and reducing daytime sleepiness, which is crucial for daytime performance and for the consistency and strength of the sleep-wake cycle.

CBD/CBN can enable longer periods of uninterrupted sleep. CBD/CBN may also even promote greater REM sleep, which is the type of sleep that really gives you the physical and mental well-being that you need.​

The relationship between CBD/CBN and sleep is an intriguing and complex one. So far, research has shown a close link between CBD/CBN and the maintenance of sleeping patterns, anxiety, and aches/discomfort. Each of these factors can have an impact on your sleep.


The combination of CBD and CBG modifies the composition and improves its assimilation for maximum effectiveness.

CBD and CBG are both beneficial in helping with aches / discomfort, feelings of depression, and more. For example, CBD is in general, more effective with aches, and CBG is generally more effective with feelings of depression. Though some individuals feel that CBD works better with feelings of depression, and some feel CBG works better with aches / discomfort. That is why combining both CBD, and CBG is a great way to ensure you’re getting the utmost advantage provided by each cannabinoid.


There is nothing better than teamwork. The combination of CBD and CBG forms a dynamic duo that effectively eases aches, depression, anxiety, sleep problems, inflammation, and various other conditions for optimal relief of depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, inflammation, and so much more with optimal assimilation. 


CBD has been studied for its bioavailability/efficiency in different delivery methods.
Topical and transdermal products have a bioavailability of around 45% (Paudel 2010)
Pills, Tinctures and gummies can have a bioavailability of only 6% – 15% (Ohlsson 1986) Each product has a unique path for entering the bloodstream and therefore has different availability.

Lets not forget the amazing POWER of Aromatherapy in our topical products.
Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that strengthens the self healing processes by indirect stimulation of the immune system.


Our focus will be expanded to include additional findings as we review further research.

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